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Frequently Asked Question!

Organic henna cannot produce instant, dark results. It reaches its darkest color in approx. 36-48 hours. It first stains bright orange, then gradually gets darker till it reaches a dark maroon/brown color. Hence henna should always be applied 2-3 days before the event.

Yes, it does! It’s a simple 3-step process!
Keep it warm – Ensure you are warm & cozy when the henna is being applied & over the next couple of days. You can also seal the henna with the sugar sealant to help the henna paste to stick to the skin for longer.
Keep it dry – Avoid water contact for the first 24 hours at least, after crumbling the henna paste off.
Keep it moisturized – Let’s pamper the henna stain! Moisturise & preserve the stain for longer.
Check out our Aftercare products. We have the Sugar Sealant spray, Henna Aftercare Balms & Henna Aftercare Oils to help you with the henna aftercare.

Stain lasts for about 9-10 days or even more if proper aftercare is followed.

2-3 months when in the freezer. However, we recommend using them within a month keeping in view the varying temperature factor.

No. Organic henna is perishable, so it may not be possible to ship to other districts/States.

Yes, you can visit us after placing the order. We’ll fix the time and venue afterward. You can choose accordingly at the time of checkout.

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